Featured Painting

Titled Andrea, this painting will be featured in Boulevard Magazine on December 1st, 2019.

Oil on canvas, 12″ x 12″



Odette Laroche

Passion is provoked in me by nature’s various, sometimes violent, cloud displays, portrayed through colours, shapes, intensity, and bold mark making made with brush and palette knife using oil paints. 

Sensitivity to the subject and attention to dramatic lighting concludes in tactile woven textures. Careful use of composition and colour create a tapestry of hues found in nature that are magnified on canvas. The result is engaging. The viewer is led on a compelling journey through the painting. Subject matter varies from landscapes as in forest scenes, trees, seascapes, figurative, portraiture and abstract. Use of palette knife and large brushes is preferred for large canvases and especially over sized murals. Realism portraiture the preference is a linen canvas that is a standard size. Paintings range from realism as in the style of the old masters in portraiture and still life, impressionism, post-impressionism, abstract expressionism.

The most recent murals are done in a transparent, estherial style of painting with minimal details. They can be any subject matter. Several styles of painting are available.

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